Tails is a character from Mappy Land, also known as fuck dude everyone should proabably play tf2 every fucking day.

It all started one day


there is a disaster approaching. not even the ancient pyramids could predict this. i'm not talking about a geological event, or even a theological event. i'm talking about

a cosmic chakra collapse like nothing anyone has ever seen with their third eyes before. sceptical? just take a look at this. (google image search of a circle) take that in. i'll talk more about this later.

im just gonna take a little time out here to say this is all just my idea and you don't have to believe it. ok. now, remember how i said in lesson 73 (the spiral downwards that is my life: when will it all end?) that the scientologist plot of the tides of THETON (the word THETON appears on the screen, rotated a little bit in the corner and stays there for ther est of the video) was RUINING astral marriage??? well you're a fucking dumbass if you don't believe this, but my astral mom told me that theton cancer is the leading of pineal gland calcification... or... the CLOSING OF THE THIRD EYE. where does that leave us today? picture of patchman cowering in the corner as his parents fight

remember this? shows picture of google image circle

the armies of thoth are building strongly. after starting the recrutment during the human history movie era, we've full blown SHIFTED into at least 4 dimensions. JUST WITH OUR INTENTION! who could even organise something like that. probably me, because i'm literally god. here's a directors cut tid bit for you... pheonix wright music plays what i didn't tell you, my viewer and close personal ally in the fight against Bad Vibes(tm), is that i've actually ascended to christ consciousness back when i was a kid. i was only 14 years old, and i was at church. the pastor was spewing his usual pro-capitalist anti-mind-expansion Evil Words(tm), and it hit me. music fades out and the background turns black as patchman (who is in a little suit and tie) closes his eyes and his third eye opens i saw the black, from when you close your eyes and its dark. but then, i saw him. thoth fades, he has like 20 ankhs in his arms, in the background, he's huge and patchman is floating in the black void he was beautiful, exuding intense sexual energy from every chakra at once. as soon as i felt his presense, my third eye was basically FORCED open, and i experienced the most earth shattering orgasm i had ever felt in my entire life. thoth fORCED his ankh in my hand, and guided my orgasm beams back through my chakra grid with the power of the ankh. as i was energized permanently with this resonance of the sheer power of love, i realized i was a furr-- thoth told me, before he left, that we are all just players in the game of life. triumphant music plays i got up from my personal enlightenment, and ran right out the door, screaming "fuck you church, fuck you mom and dad." and i was gone, from then on to be known as rat boy, speaker of the truths to the downtrotten and poor. during that, theres a montage of patchman disrobing his church attire which also includes a little comb over wig, patchman growing up and running through fields of flowers, patchman starving and having to eat a live rat, the homeless people looking on, with reverence and love, hands to their chest as they accept rat boy as one of their own i was certain i was the second coming of christ. was that a problem? maybe i don't know it could be good or bad i'm just saying here i call dibs on being the new christ child. -- music and scene abruptly stop --

after i released the human history movie, i was taken aback by the sheer amount of sheeple that were all waking up, appearing in my lake-side house in the 4th dimension i hang out in sometimes since i'm awoken in that dimension. its a little hard to imagine the 4th dimension, but heres the best i can do to help explain it. a stock photo of a lakeside house and tesseracts floating around with patchman chilling out with thoth, then they both take off their sunglasses at amazement at the spirit army that showed up. they look at eachother we could finally fight back against the Evil. we had enough strength to open the chakranomicon.

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