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Mappy (1982)Edit

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Mappy was released in 1982. You have to avoid cats, called Meowkies. The Mewkies stole items and you have to collect them. Their boss, Goro (Boss the Big Bit), is involved but rarely tries to kill the small cop, Mappy, who is a mouse. You jump on trampolines. If you bounce on them 5 times, they break, and you may fall and die. In levels 8 and up, you see bells above the trampolines. If the Mewkies (cats) are on the trampolines with you, the bells will hit them and paralyze them for about 5-10 seconds. This makes a good time to go get back the stolen Items. In levels 16 and up, there are platforms that you walk over. Perfect for if cats are chasing you, because after walking on them, they open up. Then the cats fall in and die and come back out the top. The doors are big parts of it, because opening them may be the only ways to get items, or they can kill Goro and the Meowkies.