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Dr. Pepper. The famous 23 flavor soda, has lots of spinoff products, such as Diet Dr. Pepper. That's not the topic here today, though. No, we're not talking about Diet Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce. But what we are talking about... is hot Dr. Pepper! That's right, hot Dr. Pepper was originally introduced in the 1960's as a winter beverage. Here's some advertisements from the 1960's showing about... Hot... Dr. Pepper. However, it was short lived. But you still don't believe me? You think this is a joke? Just go to the facts and questions article on the Dr. Pepper website. Anyway, I'm going to teach you how to make it. All you need is a Dr. Pepper; a can or bottle will be fine. And just proceed to open it, but DON'T blow it up like I did. 'Cause, you know... Bad. Dr. Pepper. Right there. Anyway, you wanna heat up a pan, or... anything, and just pour a little Dr. Pepper in there, as much as you want. Alright, and as soon as we did that, we're gonna take a lemon and a knife and make a small slice, and then put it into the glass that you're gonna pour the hot Dr. Pepper in. When the Dr. Pepper starts sizzling or steaming up... That's it. Just take it off, and pour it in your glass. And if you're using a glass glass glass made of glass like I am, put it very slowly. Like, wait five seconds between each... Each spill, so it doesn't melt, cus you know, when glass melts, it's... Glass... yeah. Also if you try this at home, and your lemon makes a... popping bubble, comment or like, heh, 'cause you know, thumbs up for that. Just some more footage of the... popping lemon... Yeah, and basically, this is hot Dr. Pepper. It tastes just like Dr. Pepper, only it's hot, kind of like tea. Brings out the cherry flavor. A little carbonation, and I'll see you next time. Later!