Mappy: The Movie


Toru Iwatani


Stephanie Beard


Scott Kurtz
Kris Straub
Andrea Libman
Rob Paulsen
Ken Jeong
Dax Gordine
Nic Nagel
Eriko Nakamura
Bill Hader
Marshall Hall

Music By

Nathan O’Brien

Production Companies

Paramount Animation
Bandai Namco Entertainment

Distributed By

Paramount Pictures


United States



Running Time

95 Minutes

Cinematography By

Hiro Narata

Mappy: The Movie is an upcoming Japanese/American 2019 animated comedy-drama movie based on the arcade game Mappy. The film takes place in Bandai City. The film will be released on July 16, 2019.

Plot Edit

The movie begins with Mappy and Dig-Dug in their police car. The car pulls into the parking lot where the Chief is, and Mappy investigates the mansion, and sees that a bunch of paintings are stolen, after failing to solve the case, he tells the Chief his problem and turns in his badge (“Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!” Dig-Dug says). He goes to court for retirement and decides to work at the NYAMCO Offices for Goro.

Cast Edit

  1. Scott Kurtz as Mappy
  2. Kris Straub as Dig-Dug
  3. Andrea Libman as Cylindria
  4. Rob Paulsen as Bravoman
  5. Ken Jeong as The Prince
  6. Dax Gordine as Richard Miller
  7. Nic Nagel as Keith Martin
  8. Eriko Nakamura as Haruka Amami
  9. Bill Hader as Goro
  10. Marshall Hall as Sky Kid
  11. Bridget Hoffman as KOS-MOS
  12. Jillian Bell as Valkyrie the Judge

Music Edit

The music will be scored by Nathan O’Brien.

Quotes Edit

Mappy Edit

  • “Am I a passionate NYAMCO Employee? Yes, but why does it matter that we’re not the same?"

Dig-Dug Edit

  •  "Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!”

Dialog Edit

  • Haruka Amami: “Mappy!...”
  • Mappy: “It’s gonna be okay, Haruka."

  • Mappy: (whispering in Goro’s ear) “Goro, I think maybe... Albatross is the spy. "
  • Goro: "ALBATROSS?! ...No.”
  • Mappy: “I’ll be right back."
  • (Mappy exits the scene.)

  • Haruka Amami: “All rise! The honorable Judge Valkyrie presiding!”
  • Judge Valkyrie: (bangs her hammer on her desk) “Please, be seated."

Trivia Edit

  • The film will be rated PG for action and some rude humor.