Mappy: The Movie is an upcoming Japanese/Canadian/American 2018 comedy-drama movie based on the arcade game Mappy. The film will be released on July 16, 2018 and will be directed by Toru Iwatani.

Plot Edit

The movie begins with Dig-Dug and Mappy driving towards the chief. They suddenly stop by, the chief tells Mappy he assumes he knows why he's here. Mappy says no, because that's why the chief called him in here, so Mappy doesn't know. Then, the chief reminds Mappy to get their stuff back, because some cats took all of it and brought it to their house, so Mappy has got to go to their house to get it back. Dig-Dug tells Mappy that it's like 6,000 points, then Mappy heads to the cats' house to get the stuff back. Sveral practice rounds later, the house changes the color of the roof. Suddenly, Mappy encounters the "Balloon Queen" who wants to eat him. Mappy successfully collects all the balloons, and defeats the Balloon Queen. Mappy then returns to the Chief, who is chatting with Dig-Dug and the other Micro-police members about what Mappy was doing, then he turns in his badge, and Dig-Dug does the same ("Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers!" Dig-Dug says). Mappy then goes retiring at the court, where Judge Valkyrie presides over his retirement. Haruka Amami tells the crowd, "All rise! The honorable Judge Valkyrie presiding!" Judge Valkyrie bangs her gavel on her desk and tells Mappy to be seated.

More to be added, soon!

Cast Edit

  1. Scott Kurtz as Mappy
  2. Kris Straub as Dig-Dug
  3. Andrea Libman as Cylindria
  4. Rob Paulsen as Bravoman
  5. Ken Jeong as The Prince
  6. Dax Gordine as Richard Miller
  7. Nic Nagel as Keith Martin
  8. Eriko Nakamura as Haruka Amami
  9. Bill Hader as Goro
  10. Marshall Hall as Sky Kid

More to be added, soon!

Trivia Edit

  • Valkyrie is the Judge presiding over Mappy's retirement.

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