Gender Female
Species Android
Creator Namco
Home Series THE iDOLM@STER
Game Info
In Games: Xenosaga, Mappy 2
Movie Appearances: Mappy: The Movie

KOS-MOS is an armored android robot combat weapon with an artificial intelligence to fight the Gnosis. KOS-MOS is developed by the interstellar conglomerate Vector Industries First R&D Division and completed in the year 4767 T.C., created by Winnicot and administrated by Chief Engineer Shion Uzuki, for the Galaxy Federation's Zohar Project. She is the magnum opus of the eponymous KOS-MOS Project. Shion also implies that KOS-MOS' existence, at least in the beginning of the series, is a government secret.

Voiced ByEdit

  • Bridget Hoffman (movie)