Haruka Amami
Gender Female
Species Human
Creator Namco
Home Series THE iDOLM@STER
Game Info
In Games: THE iDOLM@STER, Mappy Kids
Movie Appearances: Mappy: The Movie

"Oh, hi, Mappy. It's good to see you!" "I wish I could say the same thing." ...Haruka Amami and Mappy

Haruka Amami (天海春香 Amami Haruka) is an idol from 765 Production, and initially appeared in the NES game Mappy Kids before appearing in the hit series THE iDOLM@STER. She is voiced by Eriko Nakamura (中村繪里子 Nakamura Eriko).

Voiced ByEdit

  • Eriko Nakamura (Japanese/English)

Quotes Edit


  • "Um, serve's up, you guys."
  • "Oh hi, Mappy. It's good to see you!"
  • "And now, we have my new office in the NYAMCO Offices!"
  • "Hi!"


  • Crew: And, action!
  • Goro: I don't think we need to involve the Judge in this, she's got enough on her plate already. Training her daughter?
  • Haruka Amami: Oh, yes. Senator Funky. Funky?
  • (Goro and Haruka Amami laugh for no reason.)
  • Haruka Amami: Where are my platforms? Let's go disco. Okay, let me try again.
  • Crew: Okay, tail-slate!

...Goro and Haruka Amami in one of the Outtakes

Biographies Edit

THE iDOLM@STER Character resumé Edit

I love making sweets and going to karaoke☆ But really, instead of karaoke I would like to stand on stage and sing. I'll promise to do my best when practicing, so we can aim for top idol!!

THE iDOLM@STER 2 Haruka's Introduction Edit

Hello! I'm Amami Haruka, a new idol! I'm 17 years old, and anyway, I became an idol because I love singing! So, it's too bad that I don't have many fans right now to listen to my songs. But, I think that if I stay positive and keep working as hard as I can as an idol, something will come of it! Even though I'm sometimes a little clumsy, I'll work hard through anything! Looking forward to working with you!


I'll love you all forever! "Producer-san! It's like a dream for us, being able to appear at a wonderful event like this! Let's all enjoy ourselves together with the fans - you too, Producer-san!"

Personality Edit

Haruka Amami, at the age of 17, is a very cheerful and hard-working girl who loves to sing. She's also known to be the main heroine of the iDOLM@STER games.

Due to her nature, she can quite easily get along with almost anybody, hence the reason why Takagi calls her "a normal girl". She is also a very clumsy girl who frequently trips and falls, but despite her clumsiness she loves to dance and participate in sports events.

Haruka also loves making sweets, which is one of her main hobbies. She especially loves to make cakes and cookies and bring them to the office with her and share them with the staff. On her days off Haruka loves to research new recipes or go to the local bakery to buy cakes and then try to make the same kind herself.

Her family consists of herself, her father, and her mother. The Amamis are a very cheerful family, and value the importance of spending time together. Because her house is in a provincial city far away from downtown, Haruka has to take the morning's first train whenever she goes to work in Tokyo.


  • In an outtake during the End Credits, she flirts around with another Mappy character and realizes that he's a cardboard cutout, then she tells the crew to put him in her car. During the same Blooper reel, she and Goro are doing the part where he doesn't think they need to involve the judge in their situation, then she accidentally says Senator Funky instead of Senator Foley, and wonders where her platforms are so that they'd go disco, then asks Toru Iwatani for another take.
  • In the movie, she uses English words for her dialog, as in the English version.